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that is unlawful all -- that is not all we will hear, there will be a press conference from new orleans. we will report it when it happens. >> thank you, amy. coming up in 30 minutes, katie marzullo will be joining us live from new orleans. larry beil and mike shumann and wayne freedman, and katie, will bring the best super bowl coverage all week from new orleans. they are tweeting behind-the-scenes updates and re-tweeting highlights at abc7 news bay area. >> san francisco arts bishop this morning is causing a stir with comments he made of same-sex marriage. according to the huffington post, he told the catholic herald the term gay mainly is a natural impossibility and should rarely be used and said legislating for the right of people of the same sex to marry is like legalizing male breast feeding. that is a quote. he told the catholic newspaper
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this week that fighting to protect traditional marriage is god's gift no this generation. >> this morning, san francisco police are hoping a photo they released will help find a man they say stabbed a woman after an attempted sexual assault. police say ricky choked the woman, and stabbed her when she resisted january 7 on 39th avenue. he weighed 180 pounds and police say he is likely armed and drive as gray 2011 toyota with license plate number kuman77. >> new information this morning on the c.h.p.'s agreement to patrol oakland city streets. the highway patrol wants to pay to extend the service and c.h.p. says they will continue to work with the city for another 30 days. no word on whether oakland will have to pay for that extension. c.h.p. officers have made 87
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felony arrests in 90 days of prowls in oakland. >> poll shows california are the most optimistic since before the recession. governor brown gets the highest approval rating since taking office in 2011, at 51 percent following the asurroundsment -- following the announcement of a state budget surplus. experts expect the state to outpeople the nation as a whole in 2013. last time consumer confidence was this high was way back in 2007. >> the state budget cut forces san mateo county to close courtrooms and cut staff. last year the county reduced the trial court workforce by 30 percent cutting back on clerk hours. now the majority of court services in south san francisco and shayia are suspended and five courtrooms will close entirely. up to 25 employees could lose jobs in september and five court commissioners could be gone by
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july. >> registered nurses are planning a three hour protest and rally today in vallejo saying prior to one-day strike at nine bay area hospitals. nurses were threatened with disciplined if they panted. and sutter issued warning letter for nurse whose did not show up for work on the day including those not scheduled to work. the california nurses association has filed a formal complaint with the national labor relations board against sutter health and will be picketing in vallejo between 11 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. >> almost 4:23 supporters of a dog on death row are protesting today although san francisco officials have spared his life. charlie the pitt bull attacked an officer and the horse. the police officer suffered a concussion after intense negotiations the city agreed to let charlie live in a sanctuary but protesters say the city isn't following through with the
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promise to let the former owner to choose the home. and they will be at city hall this morning at 10:00 a.m. >> hollywood celebrities kickoff the conference in san francisco where fans of apple products, although the company officially stopped attending in 2009, they expect 30,000 to attend this year. ashton kutcher talked about his role as the late apple co-founder steve jobs and then "will i am "will discuss the future of technology with live reports from the moscone center coming up. >> nasa will fly a special aircraft over parts of the bay area today and tomorrow to learn more about our air pollution. it will be as low as 1,000 feet to collect air quality data as part of a central california study that helps improve forecasting air pollution. the airport will fly over interstate 680 and the bay area air quality district contributed
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$28,000 and provided technical staff to help with the project. if you see it, it is not a u.f.o. but is analyzing the air. >> thatch you -- thank you for putting me mind at ease. >> now, how about the weather this afternoon? >> we may be a few degrees warmer today and tomorrow as the warmth rises. the high pressure shows a little bit of a cold front to the north and that will bypass us to the not and caught in have any affect on our weather as it moves into the rocky mountains. this only, it is cooler than yesterday, and calmer. there is fog in the north bay valley. we are at 36 inland and low 40's around the bay and coast with a beautiful sunrise. by noon, warming quickly and mid-50's to near 60 degrees for lunch time temperatures and beautiful day to be on the patio
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somewhere, or in the park having a picnic. mild this afternoon, low-to-mid 60's at 4:00, and we will be nice during the evening hours and clear and upper 40's to low 50's. as we move forward, few areas will hit 70 away from the coast and tomorrow we are in the mid-50's h 60's and a few high clouds for saturday and sunday and back to the throw mid-60's. that is the forecast. >> two hot spots in traffic, sunnyvale, northbound, 101 near fair oaks, a big rig accident and fuel spill and wood debris with only the left lane getting by. we have traffic backing up, now, in to sunnyvale and c.h.p. may have to close down one lane that is getting by to clean it up. they have issued a sig-alert in sunnyvale. highway 85 or 280 to avoid that. southbound 880 in oakland, blocking two lanes. there is an oil spill. when the tow truck gets there
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they will have to put absorbent down. it will be slow 880 at oakland area. >> what happens when the niners win sunday's big game? san francisco's top brass reveal their plans to tush violent celebrations. >> the incredible price some 49er fans are willing to pay for prime seats in the new santa clara stadium. >> first, the tech bytes. >> in today's tech byte a hack attack on "new york times" saying chinese hackers have been infiltrating the computer systems for four months and the attack started after a "new york times" investigation of their prime minister. a makeover for the blackberry. the new phones are running a new operating system but they have changed their name to blackberry. the first phone could be too late for blackberry. >> it is probably not enough to bring back all the people that
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once used blackberry. some will love it for the new features but a lot of people are happy with their iphone and droid phones especially for their apps. >> it will not be available until mid-march. those the tech
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>> novato, oakland, sunnyvale, and all bay area, this is abc7 news. >> we are on this thursday morning and this is ballot against a huge fire in wisconsin, burlington, wisconsin , which has risen to eight alarms now. firefighters from two states are here. it is at a food processing plant and started at 6:15 last night and it is still going on, at least part of it this morning, and you can see the firefighters are braving cold temperatures and snow there.
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>> the academy of art san francisco has until today to meet building code requirements or pay major fines. the city issued violation notices for 22 properties owned by the school. problems include operating a school out of building designating for commercial business and converting residential hotels to student housing. documents show the cad -- academy faces $26,000 in fees and $5,500 in fines if the deadline is not met. >> 49er fevers reaches a height, there is no price too high for some 49er fateful -- faithful to get up close and personal. there are 900 prime seats at the new santa clara stadium at $80,000 each. you may think they would be empty. you would be wrong. the team sold 95 percent of
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them. the $80,000 is on top of the price for season tickets but you do get a 50 yard line, free food, drinks, parking, access to exclusive area and sideline passes during the games. the biggest bonus could be this. the fans can still buy tickets at face value to the super bowl this weekend and any other niners super bowl in the future. >> with the big game throw days away city leaders in san francisco are preparing for the aftermath on sunday determined to keep fans from getting carried away like some did after the world series. here is our news reporter with san francisco's game plan. >> san francisco's police chief, fire chief, and the mayor gathered at the broadcast center to record a public plea aimed at 49er fans. >> let's respect the city of san francisco. that means no place for bad behavior when we win this thing. >> when the giants won the world series last october, pandemonium
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broke out. a bus was torched. 70 trash cans were set on fire and cars were smashed. in the mission, they set bonfires in the street jumping through flames and hurling bottles. this time the city is better prepared. >> there will be twice as many officers working as after the world series. >> we are working with the police department and with our union to make sure operators have all the information they need to be safe. we are going to reroute service around any problem areas that could arise. >> bart will run a standard schedule with beefed you have standing at mission. some businesses are locking up. others are looking forward to sunday. >> we look for a good turnout and fun in the city. >> not too much of a good time. san francisco police will have sobriety checkpoints and patrols throughout the city all weekend
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long. in san francisco, for abc7 news. >> niner fans are getting creative showing spirit. here is a twist on a hit song. ♪ we are ready to pop the confetti ♪ ♪ we gonna take it to the top, the top ♪ >> that is don and nick and a remix of top 20 hit song "swimming pool." head to our website at and click on "to see it on tv" link and turn to abc7 after the super bowl for live coverage of how 49er fans are reacting here in the bay area. we will go live to our abc7 news team in new orleans with an up-to-the-minute look at what is happening. >> would i give away my age if i remember "we are the 49ers" do
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you remember that? >> we will rock you. >> you must think i am out of my mind to answer anything about your age! >> guys, we have a big rig that hit the guardrail and took out 50' of guardrail which ruptured the fuel tank north 101 near fair oaks when the sig-alert involved only the left lane is getting by because of the fuel spill and all kinds of emergency crews are on the scene and they may have to shut the left lane down to a full closure to clean this up and there is wood debris in lanes so a big mess north 101 with a sig-alert listed in the sunnyvale area and another hot spot in oakland, southbound, 101 at 980 an accident with two lanes blocked leaving oakland area. mike has a look at the weather. >> good morning, everyone. we will start with live live doppler 7 hd showing you how
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clear it is this morning with a lot of dry air hanging around but the north bay valley where we have half mile visibility at santa rosa and napa so be careful up here as you get around this morning. oakland and san francisco the entire bay area and in the south bay is unlimited and haze around concord. nine miles visibility. this morning, 33 in napa. cool spot there. patchy profit. it will be isolated, as we said, and there it is. mid-to-upper 30's inland but antioch at 44, more like the bay temperatures, low-to-mid 40's with 43 in san jose and oakland and 49 is the warm spot in san francisco. around monterey bay and to sly -- salinas, 40. weekend clouds are around and the wind shift will make it not so warm as it is today and tomorrow and a chance of rain
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begins next wednesday. as far as what is happening temperature wise we will have mid-to-upper 60's, and a few hours could even see 70. around monterey bay, 70. lows tonight are still a few 30's inland, mid-30's there to 42 in antioch and upper 30's to mid-40's around the bay and san francisco is the warm spot at 48. high pressure here, dominating our weather, and feeling a little pinched by the trough up to our north but we are going to remain high and dry all the way through the weekend. check it out, not something you want to see, the third driest january in san francisco. checking the other areas, we have had more rain down in san jose than we have had in san francisco. that is pretty unusual. the seven-day outlook shows the warmest weather today and tomorrow above average saturday,
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sunday, monday, and tuesday. finally, a couple of chances of rain for wednesday, thursday, and saturday of next week. have a great day. eric and kristen? >> thank you, our time is 4:49. one of the largest public colleges is on the brink of closing and the action today is expected to keep the doors open for tens of thousands. >> you may want to arrange your change door. someon
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>> welcome back at 4:52. a plan to keep city college of san francisco from losing the accreditation will be discussed by assembly man phil king and leaders of the labor counsel and federation of teachers. city college is facing a form and accreditation crisis since last fall and could face closing. officials have been work dog implement recommendations from the acreditting commission for community and junior colleges.
4:51 am
city college must submit a report to the commission by a march 15 deadline to explain what changes it is undergoing and why it should remain open. >> workers at san francisco state are asetting the damage done from the flooding caused by a burst pipe. a valve burst in the creative arts building spewing waters in the first floor and basement where stage props and sound equipment are stored. a crew mopped up the mess but classes were canceled in the morning. the building has partly re-opened but some theater arts classes are held elsewhere. >> at the state capital there is a move to restrict employees from holding more than one state job. following revelations that hundreds of public employees got paid for two jobs. a bill has been introduced to stop what is known as additional appointments. documents show 571 non-union employees hold more than one position in different departments. it has been found in a variety of state agencies and several state hospitals.
4:52 am
the brown administration did not ban the practice but now it must be approved by the office of human resources. the supporters say holding more than one state job is inappropriate and potential difficult abusive. >> a coin worth five cents when minted could sell for $2.5 million this spring. this 1913 liberty head nickel is one of only five known to exist. the u.s. officially switched to the buffalo head nickel that year but a worker at the mint is suspected of illegally making a handful of the old design open his own. later, it was found in a car wreck that killed the owner and it was thrown it to a closet. four siblings split the money. >> breweries on opposite sides of the country have a wager on the super bowl game. it involves san francisco-based anchor brewing and flying dog brewery in frederick, maryland
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which favors the ravens and anchor is going with the 49ers. the loser will pour the other brewery beer in a tap room for one week. and that is not all. the tear guides have to be decked out in the winner's super bowl champion gear for a week. >> wonder what the beer will take like? on monday. >> we have problems on 101 in the south bay. >> getting more serious. sue? >> we have a sig-alert. a big rig hit the guardrail north 101 in sunnyvale near fair oaks and it took out 50' section of the rail and ruptured a fuel tank so we have a fuel spill. one little glimmer of good news is they have re-opened one lane and now we have two lanes in the northbound direction. we have in mountain view westbound 237 the ramp to 285 a
4:54 am
stalled big rig. there is an accident involving two lanes block southbound 880 at 980 in oakland area. the app shows slow traffic in sunnyvale area and here is a picture of bumper to bumper traffic northbound 101. the app shows you very slow traffic from the lawrence expressway northbound. this is a free app at apple app and google play. >> good morning. we will look at the forecast of the big easy if you are headed that way. tomorrow temperatures will be not so cool where we are in the mid-to-upper 50's, 61 tomorrow, and super bowl sunday is normal at 65, and more humidity on monday and 65 again. so it looks mild down this. now what is happening here at
4:55 am
home. the high pressure, we watched snow in oregon a couple of days ago and yesterday we watched it in oregon and now, we do not see anything. we have temperatures near 50 again in the high country and low-to-mid 60's and 67 at big sur and the spring-like low-to-mid 60's in southern california. eric and kristen? >> we are learning of the coyote found in the backyard in san francisco's mission district. the wildlife center of silicon valley gave us a look at animal. she is unweight and dehydrated and they treating her for a breathing infection. the coyote is expected to stay at the facility for several weeks before being released in the wild. >> there are coyotes around in san francisco but we need to figure out why she was so debilitated and sick in that area so we will work with local agencies to determine a good release location for her. >> state law mandates animals must be released three miles
4:56 am
from where they found. >> doctors in england are reporting a disturbing new trend involving kate middleton. plastic surgeons are getting requests for women to look like the duchess. the number of women asking to have her nose have tripled since 2011. she has a face that socialed -- that is associated with beauty. "good morning america" will have more on this story at 7:00 this morning. >> now, mac boots up and this year a little bit of hollywood will kickoff a convention. >> and the family of an east bay teen refused to give up hope decades after she was last seen. decades after she was last seen. we will hear fromwait for presiy to save on a new mattress.
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>> abc7 news starts right now with live breaking news. >> the breaking news is in the south bay where we have a big traffic problem. >> a sig-alert on 101 in sunnyvale. here is sue. >> we have to go back to sunnyvale and i wanted to show you on the wave app a traffic spotter, this picture shows traffic bumper to bumper with two lanes blocked with the big rig accident that took out part of the guardrail which now ruptured the fuel tank so we have a major spill clean up going on there with wood debris in lanes. two lanes are getting by. if you want to avoid this, the good alternate is highway 85 or 280 northbound 101

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